Accepted Papers

    Semra Aydin1, Refik Samet2 and Omer Faruk Bay3,1,3Gazi University,2Ankara University,Turkey

    A military cartridge includes four elements; case, capsule, ammunition and powder. While manufacturing, defects may occur in the case. These defects should be detected and the defected cases should be separated. Defects could occur in the mouth, surface and primer parts of the case. This paper proposes the methodology that involves the real-time inspection of the defects in the mouth part of the cases using image processing techniques. The algorithms of the proposed methodology were implemented on real images and the obtained results have showed that common defects such as split and dent defects occurring on the mouth part of the case can be detected with high accuracy.

  • Portable Adquisition and Gesture Recognizing of hand gestures Interface with Electromyografy
    E. Aguilar,M. Chauca,Electronic engineering School,National University of Callao,Peru

    This paper will talk about the algorithms and methods used for the creation of a hand gesture recognizing interface. This interface will consist of a microcontroller attached to a instrumentation amplifier circuit. The hand gesture recognizing interface will have several applications, like medicine, Virtual Reality and will not be limited to use by disabled people. Thus the results lay in more than 90% of accuracy, while mantaining low power consumption and needed portability for several applications. The interface may be used alone or connected to a computer or smartphone for interaction with programs interfaced through an API designed for the interface.

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