Accepted Papers

  • Content- and Network-Context-aware Multimedia Transmission
    Md. Jalil Piran1, Zhu Han2,1Department of Computer Engineering, Sejong University, South Korea,2Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Houston, USA

    In order to save network bandwidth and simultaneously aceive high quality video, this paepr proposes a method for joint optimization of video content bitrate and detection of short and long time opportunities based on lisencees activities and channel idle time distribution. In this method the pre-recorded content is divided into some periods based on scences’ complexity. To allocate chennl to the periods, we need to identify the lisencees avtivity and maximize opportunistic utilization accordingly. Based on the lisencess activities by a Byasian nonparametric inference model, and according to channel idle time, we clasify short and long transmission opportunities. We map the available spectrum channels to the content periods according to the quality of channels and bitrate of the periods. Furthermore, due to dynamic nature of availability of channels and to avoid interruption, we propose to switch transmission of the periods with low bitrate to underlay mode when there is not any more opportunity for SU transmission. Our simulation results show that more than 24% of the fixed allocated bitrate for transmission of a content can be saved by employing the proposed method.








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