Accepted Papers

Accepted papers

  • Using Cisco Network Components to Improve NIDPS Performance
    Waleed Bul'ajoul1, Anne James1,Siraj Shaikh1 and Mandeep Pannu2,1Coventry University,UK and 2Kwantlen Polytechnic University,Canada
  • Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (NIDPSs) are used to detect, prevent and report evidence of attacks and malicious traffic. Our paper presents a study where we used open source NIDPS software. We show that NIDPS detection performance can be weak in the face of high-speed and high-load traffic in terms of missed alerts and missed logs. To counteract this problem, we have proposed and evaluated a solution that utilizes QoS, queues and parallel technologies in a multi-layer Cisco Catalyst Switch to increase NIDPSs detection performance. Our approach designs a novel QoS architecture to organise and improve throughput-forward-plan traffic in a layer 3 switch in order to improve NIDPS performance.

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